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The idea and vision for Palm Cove began in 1999 and developed through many years with Mark and Berta Jordan, who worked with their parents as they became Elders in need of specialized help with living their lives to their full potential.  Berta's parents both aged with memory care needs, with her father's last years spent in a memory care institution, and her mother going through the long goodbye at her wonderful sister's home.  Mark's parents both had heart failure issues as they aged, his father dying quickly from a heart atack, and his mother spending many weeks in and out of hospitals and rehab centers and choosing to spend her last days at home.  

Through the lessons learned by these and other personal experiances, the Jordans believed there must be a better way to age, and a better way to follow the Biblical admonishion to honor our Elders. 

Palm Cove is intended to fulfil the vision of creating a better place to age, where Elders are honored and respected.


Interesting Links for Seniors



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Carreer Opportunities


Executive Director:  Provide overall leadership and responsibility for all aspects of the operation of Palm Cove.


Family Councilor:  Provide advise and support to families considering residency at Palm Cove.


Director of Nursing:  Provide oversite and training for our Care Partners, and quality assurance for the care of each elder.


Executive Chef:  Create joy and happiness through food, nutrition and an inspiring atmosphere in the dining room.


Activities Director:  Create social interaction, fun times, and memorable experiances for every elder so that they can live their best life possible.


Senior Care Partner:  Licensed LPN, CNA, PCT, or MA who will be the lead care giver for a family group of 12 Elders.


Care Partner:   If you have a heart for Elders and share our values, we will train you and help you get certified and licensed to enter the senior health care career path.  This is our primary entry level position, and we will promote from within as we see your talent, passion and committment to our Elders.


Maintenance Technician:  Experianced in facility care and preventative maintenance plans.


House Keeper:  If you have a passion for clean and maybe even OCD about it, You'll be just the right person for this job.



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