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A great organization is built on a foundation of people who share the same values, who hold the same ethics, and people who will pledge to do their best everyday to meet the standards of the organization.  It is the content of your character that we value.   If you posess these character traits, we can train you to do the job the Palm Cove way, and you will fit in well with our team and the Palm Cove Community.   Apply to join the Palm Cove Team if the following paragraphs match your values and standards.           



1.   INTEGRITY:  We will act honestly and truthfully in all that we do, adhering to the highest principles by pursuing a commitment to do what is right.

2.   CARE:  We will maintain a servant's heart, demonstrate a nurturing, empathetic, and loving attitude to others.

3.   PASSION:  We will display an uncompromising intensity in serving our residents and families.

4.   JOY:  We will provide great delight and happiness by engaging our residents, families, and employees with daily extraordinary experiences.

5.   LOYALTY:  We will be loyal to our community of employees, residents, and families.

6.   RESPECT:  We will respect the rights and dignity of all individuals.

7.   ACCOUNTABILITY:  We will take responsibility and own our actions.

8.   EXCELLENCE:  We will pursue excellence in processes, people, and procedures.


Code of Ethics:  The Palm Cove "Code of Ethics" are also statements of policy and are the Ethical Standards of Conduct required for all of us, management, employees, and subcontractors, (Associates) to conduct our business and operations, not only in accordance with the law, but also with the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct.

     Associates are to provide services for residents that are of high quality and in accordance with Palm Cove’s standards.

     Associates  will treat residents with dignity and respect and in a manner that is in the best interest of the residents, observing State and Federal legislation regarding resident rights.

     Associates  are expected to treat other staff with courtesy and in a professional manner at all times.

     Associates  are expected to treat State or Federal surveyors and regulatory agency staff with courtesy and in a professional manner. At no time will an associate offer anything of value to any individual to take action favorable to the Facility. Referrals from residents, physicians, other individuals, professionals or institutions shall be accepted without providing or offering anything of value in exchange for referrals.

     Associates are expected to maintain records and charts regarding residents and reimbursement that are accurate and are expected to retain such records in accordance with Palm Cove policies and regulatory directives on record retention and record keeping. All resident medical records and personnel files and records shall be confidential and shall be released only in accordance with HIPAA requirements and Palm Cove policy. Property and equipment of the Palm Cove community shall be used by associates/employees in the performance of their job duties and only for the community’s business and benefit.

     Associates  are expected to conduct themselves both on and off the job in a way that reflects the Company values of honesty, integrity and strength of character.

     Associates  are expected to be truthful at all times. Standing by and keeping quiet while someone else behaves in an unethical manner is the same as engaging in that behavior.

     Associates  must maintain a work place that is free of unauthorized drug or alcohol use, harassment or a hostile environment in any form.

     Associates are expected to be familiar with the Employee Handbook and the procedures, duties and responsibilities described within the Handbook.

     Associates  are responsible for reporting any incident that they know, or reasonably believe, to be a violation of law or these standards.These standards are not intended to be a listing of every law, regulation, or policy that might apply to an individual associate. Rather, these standards are intended to set forth the minimal guidelines by which all of us are expected to conduct ourselves.

     The Code of Ethics is not intended to be a substitute for an associate's own knowledge and understanding of the law and regulations that apply to his or her job duties.  If we share the same values, then you'll fit right in.  Call now and speak with us today!  


Care Partner Pledge:  "On my honor, I will do my best to always serve our Elders and 

everyone around me with a positive attitude, a servant's heart, 

and a loving spirit in everything I do and say". 


Palm Cove's management company is an equal opportunity employer and adhears to all federal laws pertaining to employment practices.

Currently accepting new resident committments!

Target occupancy date:  Summer 2020

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Carreer Opportunities


Executive Director:  Provide overall leadership and responsibility for all aspects of the operation of Palm Cove.


Family Councilor:  Provide advise and support to families considering residency at Palm Cove.


Director of Nursing:  Provide oversite and training for our Care Partners, and quality assurance for the care of each elder.


Executive Chef:  Create joy and happiness through food, nutrition and an inspiring atmosphere in the dining room.


Activities Director:  Create social interaction, fun times, and memorable experiances for every elder so that they can live their best life possible.


Senior Care Partner:  Licensed LPN, CNA, PCT, or MA who will be the lead care giver for a family group of 12 Elders.


Care Partner:   If you have a heart for Elders and share our values, we will train you and help you get certified and licensed to enter the senior health care career path.  This is our primary entry level position, and we will promote from within as we see your talent, passion and committment to our Elders.


Maintenance Technician:  Experianced in facility care and preventative maintenance plans.


House Keeper:  If you have a passion for clean and maybe even OCD about it, You'll be just the right person for this job.



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