Assisted Living

WHAT IS ASSISTED LIVING?  Assisted living is a special combination of housing, personalized support services and health care designed to meet the individual needs of persons who need help with activities of daily living, but do not need the skilled medical care provided in a nursing home. Services include help with medication administration, eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, shopping, laundry, etc. Each resident requires varying degrees of assistance. Our approach is ‘assistance when required, service when desired’. Each resident is treated with dignity, and afforded maximum independence according to their level of need and desire. 


One Bedroom Apartment

Located on the second floor, are one bedroom apartments are great for couples.

Our one bedroom apartments are designed to give you the space you need and the atmosphere and location for you to enjoy life, while being cared for like family.





Palm Cove offers a unique alternative for those who want, or need, to no longer live at home alone.  Each Elder's current situation is unique, and your needs will vary as you experiance the aging process.  You may want the companionship of others who understand you, accept you, and appreciate you for who you are.  You may have mobility challenges or memory impairment.  No matter what your needs are, Palm Cove stands apart from other options for assisted living, and memory care due to our philosophy of care, unique staffing model, and purpose built architecture.   We are following the lead of a national movement to improve and transform aging in place and long term care, to give our Elders the Best Life possible.



At Palm Cove, the philosophy of care is based on the example of Christ, who went about healing, establishing relationships, increasing faith, and doing good. It is our purpose to live by this example. To do this, we focus on offering the highest level of person-directed care.  Our first home is divided into four areas, or cottages, of 10 to 12 Elders, which foster deep and continuous friendships that are nurtured and grown between the Elders and their care partners.  Each cottage creates their own atmosphere and plan their own daily events. The Elders' rhythm of daily life are honored, as they naturally awaken to find their favorite breakfast ready for them.   Our vision is “To be a home that supports Christian values and one another to live a meaningful and abundant life.” By keeping this vision alive, we are sure to reach our goal of alleviating loneliness, helplessness and boredom for the Elders and employees that live and work at Palm Cove.  By emphasizing excellence and compassion in every facet of our operation, our culture honors and respects our Elders (residents) and our Care Partners (staff) alike.   We are also committed to following research studies that provide evidence based recommendations for appropriate physical design and programming to create an improved environment for those with dementia or other cognitive impairment.



The Care Partners work as a team and run all aspects of the home under the supervision and coaching of the Homemaker. Understanding the needs, desires and preferances of each Elder is a key priority for each Care Partner.  This multi-faceted engagement between the Care Partners and Elders leads to strong bonds and a deep understanding of each Elder. The availability of a nurse 24 hours a day assures that all health issues are monitored and addressed whenever concerns arise.  Palm Cove's Executive Chef prepares delicious and nutritious meals that are individually served (restaurant style) by our Care Partners.



Each home has two memory care cottages, each with  a living room, dining room, den, kitchen and ten to twelve private studio suites with their own bathroom. The small scale eliminates long hallways, making it easier for Elders to move independently. The interior layout and décor support the needs of those with memory loss through the use of color and contrast, circular pathways, and bright lighting. The homes offer inviting community spaces, more intimate areas for small gatherings, and the privacy of one’s own bedroom.  The daily rhythms of our memory care cottages are also those of a home. Elders wake up and go to sleep when they want to.  They choose what they want for breakfast each morning.  Depending on the time of day, someone arriving at the home may smell dinner cooking in the oven, see laundry being folded, or hear Elder’s planning meals with the Care Partners.

The second floor is primarily for our Assisted Living elders, where there are twenty six one bedroom and studio apartments.  Also on the second floor is the luxurious Palm Cove Spa, where we have a beauty salon, manacures, peticures, theriputic massage, and our health and exercise center.  On the first floor, near the elevator, is the main dining room, activity room and movie theater.


Enriching activitiEs

Elders and Care Partners team together to discover the activities that the Elder will enjoy and that will help the Elder maintain memories.  It may be gardening outside, playing the piano, or learning new talents in the art studio.  Bingo is always fun, but so are new games like beach ball volleyball in the sun room and corn hole on the lawn.  Care Partners can also be Prayer Partners for people of faith, and provide private quiet time when that is what is needed.  Our Care Partners are well trained to be flexible to meet the needs of the Elder, and to listen and learn the wisdom offered by their Elders.



Our Mission is to help our Elders, their families and our Care Partners enjoy extraordinary experiences that make every day a precious gift, to be treasured and remembered and thereby we enrich our own lives and the lives of everyone around us.



At Palm Cove, we expect all the members of our community, including our Care Partners, vendors, guest and Elders to treat others as they would want to be treated. 

Our Care Partners are responsible to create a safe, happy and pleasant environment, joyful daily experience, and give extraordinary service and respect to every resident.

Our Elders are responsible to engage the community by participating in the activities of their choice, building and nurturing new friendships, and making the most of everyday.

Our Vendors are pre-screened and pre-approved to be in the community, and must meet the highest standards of integrity, competence, value, and extraordinary service for our residents.

SPIRIT    Palm Cove Living is all about  living life to the fullest, fulfilling the Divine Design for your life, and making every day special for each other.  We do that best when we honor our Creator, learn more about Him, and do our best to live and walk a Christ like life.

Below is an artist rendering of the first building at Palm Cove, our Care Center which will specialize in Assisted Living anmd Memory Care.  There are other photos on this website which are meant to communicate the concept of the development while the website and actual buildings are under construction.

Currently accepting new resident committments!

Target occupancy date:  Summer 2020

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Carreer Opportunities


Executive Director:  Provide overall leadership and responsibility for all aspects of the operation of Palm Cove.


Family Councilor:  Provide advise and support to families considering residency at Palm Cove.


Director of Nursing:  Provide oversite and training for our Care Partners, and quality assurance for the care of each elder.


Executive Chef:  Create joy and happiness through food, nutrition and an inspiring atmosphere in the dining room.


Activities Director:  Create social interaction, fun times, and memorable experiances for every elder so that they can live their best life possible.


Senior Care Partner:  Licensed LPN, CNA, PCT, or MA who will be the lead care giver for a family group of 12 Elders.


Care Partner:   If you have a heart for Elders and share our values, we will train you and help you get certified and licensed to enter the senior health care career path.  This is our primary entry level position, and we will promote from within as we see your talent, passion and committment to our Elders.


Maintenance Technician:  Experianced in facility care and preventative maintenance plans.


House Keeper:  If you have a passion for clean and maybe even OCD about it, You'll be just the right person for this job.



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